Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our life in pictures part 3

Later that evening we decided to cuddle up in mama's bed. I think I caught Conner mid flip, but Brooks is chill as usual. I mean, with an older brother with as much energy as Conner, who needs to move when all you have to do is watch him to get tired?

"Are you taking the picture mama?" "Yes I am Conner, now will you please hold still?"

"Ok, but only for a second"... notice Brooks has barely moved...

"Now don't Malachi's boots look smashing on me?"

Taking a picture of this child is exhausting, he moves so much and would rather take the picture then be in it, so most come out like this...almost perfect but a little blurry, or no Conner in the picture at all...

Now to part 4... I promised you lots of pictures :)