Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lions and such

Do you know something amazing about children? Their love. Because you know your child loves you when you hand him something that you lovingly (yet horribly) made out of play-doh, that looks like this...

and he takes one wonderful look at it

and squeals with joy because you made him a lion (a very sick, squished and faceless lion, but hey, who's looking?)!

He definitely made my night!

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's sunny in CA

And my camera is loving it!

For Christmas the boys got a huge box full of costumes from Joseph and I, so pretty much every photo I have is of them dressed up as something other then themselves, haha. They love going out to play in our complex all dressed up.

This last photo is of Emmalynn and her/our cousin Jacob, who was born two months before her.

Why I wish I lived in Texas...

Let me count the reasons...

Awesome new friends who, without ever meeting us, opened their home to my busy family for three days. Scoot and Kim, you rock!

Awesome men of God, who just so happen to be some of Joseph's closest friends, despite what the look on his face says in this picture, haha.

The Mullins. Nuff said.

The amazing wife half of my first ever community group leader and her growing family (does that make any since? love ya Maggie)

One of the many new blessings brought into the world by old friends.

The first girl born into our group of many many boys. And of course her awesome Mama

Little Sarah. This little girl is so blessed to have the incredible woman by the name of Sarah as her Mommy.

Old friends reunited. Somewhere on this computer I have a picture of these two when they were both under a year!

On our way back home after being in Kentucky for Joseph's deployment, we had the opportunity to stop in Texas and spend three absolutely amazing and much needed time with some pretty incredible friends. I have missed them all so much! Even more of a treat was getting to be apart of their Church service on Sunday. While living life together can sure be messy, it is also such a beautiful thing to see. It is awesome to see these friends that were all apart of my first community group now being pastors, elders, pastors wives and elders wives, and so many other great things. God is truly awesome!