Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have furniture!!!

Oh the wonders of having our own belongings, although I see quite a bit that is going to be donated, craigslisted or tossed. What a fun week it will be!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We just got our internet up and running again this evening, so some time in the next couple of days I will update with something of more substance. For now I leave you with the highlight of my week...

My sweet sweet Conner has taken a liking for the refrigerator. I knew it was bound to happen, that one day he would open the door and discover there was a whole new world to explore and experiment with. I just wish he would leave the milk alone. Monday I come up from the garage and discover Conner in the fridge pouring out the last of my chocolate eclair coffee creamer ( what can I say I have a sweet tooth) into my half empty gallon of milk. Deciding to look on the bright side I kept the milk/creamer since we had just bought the creamer on Saturday and tryed to think of it as gaining a whole gallon of it. Well come Wednesday I come down from putting Brooks to sleep, no more then three minutes, and Conner is now pouring Joseph's chai into the milk/creamer. Oh YUMMY! At least he kept going for the same gallon of milk instead of the other two unsuspecting gallons sitting next to it. Sigh

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday Camouflaging as Wordless Wednesday

Ok its an almost wordless Wednesday, er Thursday, but this Tuesday some new friends were kind enough to use their free passes to get us into the Zoo ( wow, that was a lot of days in one sentence). While we had a blast we saw many more people then we did animals and got a little more sun then I like, but over all it was wonderful to spend time with mom's and their children. Oh and it was six kids under the age of four, three of whom were under the age of eighteen months, two single strollers and one double and one sling that I forgot to whip out... soooo five hours later we were exhausted!

Conner was loving little Naomi, they held hands and watched out for each other through out the entire day.

Brooks meet Elliot, Elliot meet Brooks

Love him

All I can say about this last one is "Who knew?"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekends are almost as great as Summer itself

We had a wonderful weekend full of summer fun and family time. Or maybe that is the same thing? Hmmm.

Barbecue and Cold Stone Ice cream on Friday. Sleeping late, eating pancakes and eggs for breakfast, and running around at a local splash pad on Saturday. Church, lunch and chalking the neighborhood with friends on Sunday.

Now the boys are fast asleep in their room and the parents are not to far behind them. On the shared room front, they are LOVING it. Conner loves making his little brother giggle, and trust me when Conner is involved Brooks giggles a lot. Especially when he is dog tired. Our biggest concern has been that Conner is determined that sleeping in the same room as Brooks also means sleeping in the same bed. Only problem is he usually brings all his blankets and pillow in with him. Definitely not a good plan. So now he has only one blanket and no pillow. And one great little brother to snuggle with. Two out of the three nights I have had to remove Conner from Brooks bed (IE: playpen) and gently place him back in his bed before I head in for the night. Tonight the were nose to nose with Brooks holding onto Conner's arm. Talk about melt my heart! Maybe one of these nights I will get a picture, but for now I leave you with these from Saturdays water fun.

Oh, I forgot to mention Conner's special treat for using the potty...TATOOS! He loves them and has become addicted ever since Aunt Rebekah gave him his fist back in May. What you cannot see in this picture (other then his almost not cut out personal area) is that he has six more besides the huge pirate ship...see the little spot next to his bellybutton? That is a green letter E, because for what ever reason E is his favorite letter. He has a motorcycle on each arm, a sword on his knee and an old style record below the sword that says "Rock and Roll". Totally random, but he only has six more letters to go before he will know all the letters in the alphabet! For the past week and a half Conner and I have been doing school time each day where we learn letters and then apply them to the real world. He loves pointing out all the letters in every word everywhere we go. Hmmm, I guess schools is another thing I forgot to mention.

Now for summer fun with water!

The boys had a blast and we are hoping for a slightly warmer day next weekend so that we can go again. Just to set the record straight, Conner picked out the boys swim trunks, because I am totally not going on a crazy "lets match the boys" stage. Nope not me! Also in that last picture Joseph is talking to Papa, so Papa, now you can see what you where hearing and get a kick out of "being in" this picture.

Friday, June 12, 2009

No longer lonely

After almost a month of getting to sneak into our bed when ever he wanted due to weird sleeping arrangements, Conner seems to have been getting lonely these past few weeks in his own room, so tonight he has a sleeping buddy. And its not me :). Now don't get me wrong, I love snuggling Conner, but right now Joseph and I are sleeping on an almost queen sized air bed and there is barely enough room for the two of us, none the less a three year old the size of a five year old. So our sweet Brooksie Bear volunteered for the job, you know since he had an option and all..
Its finally official, after 16 months the boys are FINALLY sharing a room! Within 45 minutes Brooks was conked out, and it seems that Conner followed shortly behind, so whorah for only an hour of them working it out! Which really meant they giggled and played for 45 minutes while I only had to go in twice to extract Conner from Brooks bed. Not bad, not bad.
Here's to praying Conner doesn't wake up at 2:00 am lonely. Or 3:00 am or really anytime before ohhhhhhhhhhhh 8:00. Hey a Mama can dream :)
On another night when I am not beat and ready to hit the sack two hours ago I will share about the wonderful bond these two share, but for now... Good Night!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some one sure loves his daddy! Conner was so thrilled that he was able to climb to the top of this rock. Not so much because he got to the top, but because Daddy kept telling him how proud he was of him. As soon as I came out side Conner was cheering and yelling " Mama, Conner did it! Dada PROUD!!!" I love seeing these two together, the love they share is precious and I pray that their relationship is always strong and filled with grace.

Doesn't this make you want a mango?

One of my favorite parts of the day is when Joseph gets home. Not only because he is home, which is wonderful, but because there is nothing quite like seeing Conner and Brooks racing down the stairs to get to Dada first. Conner usually wins since his legs are a little longer then Brooks', but the little man has a good fast slide and comes in at a very close second barreling in at Joseph's feet. The giggles and smacking sounds of kisses make my heart melt as I patiently wait my turn at the top of the stairs. I figure knocking the kids down the stairwell in an attempt to beat them to the bottom wouldn't go over well. I definitely wouldn't get a kiss that's for sure...

One step at a time

We've got a walker on our hands!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Settling in

I find I really don't have much to say these days because we have finally fallen into an utterly boring routine. Utterly boring that is if you are not us, because I find it exciting, thrilling and awesome, but its probably boring for you.

I mean it bored Brooks to tears today

Playing in the same sand pit, right out our back door, it gets old I tell ya.

and Conner? Well he was nothing but pure unhappiness

Can't you tell? Because obviously playing in sprinklers and sand is B O R I N G.

And me? Well I think I answered that already.