Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday Camouflaging as Wordless Wednesday

Ok its an almost wordless Wednesday, er Thursday, but this Tuesday some new friends were kind enough to use their free passes to get us into the Zoo ( wow, that was a lot of days in one sentence). While we had a blast we saw many more people then we did animals and got a little more sun then I like, but over all it was wonderful to spend time with mom's and their children. Oh and it was six kids under the age of four, three of whom were under the age of eighteen months, two single strollers and one double and one sling that I forgot to whip out... soooo five hours later we were exhausted!

Conner was loving little Naomi, they held hands and watched out for each other through out the entire day.

Brooks meet Elliot, Elliot meet Brooks

Love him

All I can say about this last one is "Who knew?"