Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekends are almost as great as Summer itself

We had a wonderful weekend full of summer fun and family time. Or maybe that is the same thing? Hmmm.

Barbecue and Cold Stone Ice cream on Friday. Sleeping late, eating pancakes and eggs for breakfast, and running around at a local splash pad on Saturday. Church, lunch and chalking the neighborhood with friends on Sunday.

Now the boys are fast asleep in their room and the parents are not to far behind them. On the shared room front, they are LOVING it. Conner loves making his little brother giggle, and trust me when Conner is involved Brooks giggles a lot. Especially when he is dog tired. Our biggest concern has been that Conner is determined that sleeping in the same room as Brooks also means sleeping in the same bed. Only problem is he usually brings all his blankets and pillow in with him. Definitely not a good plan. So now he has only one blanket and no pillow. And one great little brother to snuggle with. Two out of the three nights I have had to remove Conner from Brooks bed (IE: playpen) and gently place him back in his bed before I head in for the night. Tonight the were nose to nose with Brooks holding onto Conner's arm. Talk about melt my heart! Maybe one of these nights I will get a picture, but for now I leave you with these from Saturdays water fun.

Oh, I forgot to mention Conner's special treat for using the potty...TATOOS! He loves them and has become addicted ever since Aunt Rebekah gave him his fist back in May. What you cannot see in this picture (other then his almost not cut out personal area) is that he has six more besides the huge pirate ship...see the little spot next to his bellybutton? That is a green letter E, because for what ever reason E is his favorite letter. He has a motorcycle on each arm, a sword on his knee and an old style record below the sword that says "Rock and Roll". Totally random, but he only has six more letters to go before he will know all the letters in the alphabet! For the past week and a half Conner and I have been doing school time each day where we learn letters and then apply them to the real world. He loves pointing out all the letters in every word everywhere we go. Hmmm, I guess schools is another thing I forgot to mention.

Now for summer fun with water!

The boys had a blast and we are hoping for a slightly warmer day next weekend so that we can go again. Just to set the record straight, Conner picked out the boys swim trunks, because I am totally not going on a crazy "lets match the boys" stage. Nope not me! Also in that last picture Joseph is talking to Papa, so Papa, now you can see what you where hearing and get a kick out of "being in" this picture.


Suth-ern Mama said...

I love the look on Brooks' face while his big bro is carrying him around! Priceless! Love it!

Mama Blue said...

I know! Conner does that to him so often now I think he is like, "Hey, dude, I can walk on my own now"

The Santos Family said...

fun stuff... Enjoy sleeping in! I may get to do that again one day...if my TWO year old would sleep past 7:30! :)