Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goodbye friend

It can be really hard sometimes to start a post, especially when it is a hard subject for me to talk about. I mean do I just come out and say it or do I get all eloquent and make it perfect ? Well tonight I am going with just coming out and saying it because my heart is heavy and my head is drained, and well you know what they say about bandaids.
I found out earlier this evening that one of my best friends during High School passed away. In August. While I hold no grudge about the fact that I was just informed, it hurts to know that he has been gone for two and a half months and I had no idea. And that I was actually in CA, a couple miles away when his funeral was held. I know that ultimately it doesn't make a difference if I was there or not, but he was there for me through so much heart ache and pain. He knew me before Joseph, before kids and before I became a Christian. He knew me in a very raw form and I him. Before I had Christ I had Mike. So I sit here mourning him, mourning that rawness we had and mourning his loss to this world.
I ache for his wife and the pain she must be going through. They had just gotten married in April and where trying to have a baby. It definitely puts into perspective the ache I have for Joseph right now.
I wish I had something beautiful to say right now, but all I can think is "he's gone" and that in true fashion the last conversation we had was a not full of love and understanding.
So instead of something beautiful I will say "goodbye dear friend, goodbye".

Let me introduce you all to my good friend Mike App.