Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our life in pictures part 2

The next morning Brooks decides to show off what he should look like when he is crawling...but alas he is just faking us all out because he is still a pro at the army crawl

Then Conner steals the camera and takes a picture of Aunt Rebekah, which I am sure she will be thrilled to find out I posted, but I think that she is beautiful

"Mama?!"...I get this call at least once a day from Brooks room, since his crib is Conner's favorite place to hangout, along with all his toys.

Which he then insists that Brooks needs to come in and play with him. Brooks is still not so sure about this, since you know, cribs are for sleeping...

But then he hams it up for mama even though his brother is being a tornado in the crib as I snap the picture (exampled by the bumper being all wacky)

Now for part three!