Sunday, November 2, 2008


My Camera that is. I had this great post all planed out that was going to include a bunch of new and exciting photos. Only problem is that I have over 1200 photos on my camera that need to be deleted before I can download the new ones. I have spent the past couple days going through each picture one by one and erasing them, because unless I go to the store I cannot erase them all at once, as I have no desire to reload ALL 1200 photos onto my computer. For the third time. I mean a girl can only be so patient. So there I sit getting all exited because I am THIS close to being finished when my camera gets all dramatic on me and sends this message across the screen "WARNING; BATTERY IS EXHAUSTED". What? Your exhausted? I mean common, exhausted? Silly camera, how can you be exhausted when all you do is take pictures of my children, I mean seriously, when was the last time you chased them around the house, fed them, played with them, put them to bed, got up with them in the middle of the night, and did all that other crazy mommy stuff that I love? yeah, I didn't think so. See I do do all that stuff, everyday, all day, and I don't even use such a silly word. I think someone at the Nikon factory was having a little to much fun when they came up with that one ;)


Unfortunately there is no update on Joseph. I just really wish there was, but I have still not heard from him and I am still waiting for a packet in the mail to arrive with his mailing address. I am praying that I hear from him really soon though, as a good dose of his voice would be really nice right about now.


We have had a pretty busy past four days starting with Community Group on Thursday and ending with my sweet friend Bekah's birthday today. I believe that everyday was filled with almost all of my favorite people, which means they were pretty crowded days as I have a lot of favorite people. Friday night my father in law came over and stayed with the boys while they slept (ok while Conner slept, Brooks decided he wanted to visit with Papa for the last half hour) and I got to go to a party. Oh it was so much fun getting to be around adults for three whole hours. Then Saturday I hosted a womens gathering, where my friend Lindsey taught us how to make whole wheat yeast rolls, which were wonderful.I hope that everyone had a great time, because even though I was emotionally drained, it sure served my soul to have them all over. We then had dinner with Mimi and Papa at one of my favorite restruants, Max and Ermas, followed by a little mama only time. After todays b-day bash we came home for some desperatly needed naps. Then what has become my favorite part of the weekend happended. Some alnone time with just me and the boys. We laughed, sang, took lots of pictures and just plain enjoyed each others compmany. I cannot wait to share the pictures with you, because I am sure you will be able to feel our joy and love for one another, and I hope you rejoice in it just as I did.

Here's to praying the battery gets a goodnights sleep!