Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mama's Sick

Good evening everyone. This post is going to be short and sweet. For the past four weeks I have had this terrible cough that kept coming and going, and I being who I am chose to ride it out. That is until today. Last night I started getting really nausea's, had the chills and was obviously running a fever, but silly me just thought it was a REALLY bad cold...ok ok I'm stubborn and kept telling myself that I cannot afford to be sick, I mean really I have two children to take care of. All the time. But I was a good girl and went to the doctor today, and came home with a diagnoses of walking pneumonia and really bad asthma, probably brought on by the whole fact that I have been sick for 4 weeks. I am now on antibiotics and have to go get a steroid kit for my lungs in 48hrs. I have also been fully chastised by all mothers involved :) And just so you know that I know the severity of my situation I was informed that if I had shown up yesterday that she would have sent me directly to the hospital. The only reason she didn't today is that after receiving a breathing treatment my oxygen levels went from 95% (bad) to 98% (better).
Please keep my family in prayers as I begin the road to recovery. I am exhausted and my children are not :)
Just because he makes my night brighter


The Santos Family said...

Oh Meaghan... I knew that nasty cough couldn't be good. Your poor thing. Do you all already have Thanksgiving plans? If not, we'd love to have you over tomorrow...we're starting around 2ish but will likely be kinda off and on all night I'm sure. Many prayers for you.