Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thankgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We had a nice subdued day here with my mom, who arrived in town to the rescue on Tuesday evening. It has been such a blessing to have her hear because I was running out of steam and need all the help I can get. Speaking of steam, I am losing it by the gallon at the moment, so I am going to leave you all with some pictures of the boys from today.

Everybody needs laundry basket drums

He was so smiley today! Finally no fevers (hmm, I think I forgot to mention he was sick also...)

"Hey Conner, will you give Brooksie a hug?" hmmm, ok I guess that counts as a hug

Yum! Applesauce and oatmeal

Those are trumpets every one, trumpets


Mommy Moreno said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Grandpa Bill gave me your blog address so I can keep up with you and those beautiful boys of yours! Hope you're feeling better SOON ... :(

Sutherland Family Life said...

Hey, I have a pair of those same type of trumpets! What a coinkydink! LOL