Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our life in pictures part 1

I believe that it is way past time for me to share some pictures with you. So I thought I would do a day in the life sort of thing, since I keep getting asked how I am "doing it" all right now, you know with being alone and all. Well the plain answer is I just am, but the answer in pictures is much more poetic and meaningful, for I am "doing it" because God has given me grace and because He has given me these boys... who wouldn't do it for them?

Every Saturday Joseph's parents take us out to lunch or dinner, and the only thing that keeps Brooks from trying to eat all of our dinners (which he is not allowed to do) is these teething biscuits. Which are extremely messy.

So then we go home and take a bath, and eat some fresh water sushi, because I am sure you all can tell that that purple thing in Brooks hand is a fish...

Then we goof around and laugh a lot, which isn't hard when you have Conner as your resident goof ball

Sushi and alphabet soup? Awesome mom!

Now its time to scroll up to part two since blogger only lets me upload 5 pictures per post and I have a few more then 5 to share.