Monday, November 3, 2008

Well another day has come and gone and we still have not heard from Joseph. I am going to to be calling his recruiter tomorrow to get his mailing address, as I have not received it yet. It will be nice to be able to write him because right now I feel as if I am leaving him in the dark, and I would like to keep one of us out of it!

It was a pretty good day today, a little more laid back then it has been the past four days, so that was nice. My friend Bek came over with her snap press (an awesome awesome thing) and helped me convert my cloth diapers from aplix (really strong velcro), to snaps. I am so excited about this for so many reasons that its quite silly actually. The snaps make the diapers have a cleaner appearance when on, and I don't mean physically clean, because they are already that without the snaps ;), but just sleek. And well I like sleek diapers, and my boys totally rock the snaps. I will have to take pictures in a couple days because it will take me that long to snap them all.
After nap time we wandered up to a little park that's up the block since it was such a beautiful day. While Conner played I got the opportunity to chat with my dear friend Amy while I pushed Brooks around. We were all fully enjoying ourselves until I realized that there was something that looked a lot like human feces next to the fallen trees Conner was playing in. Unfortunately Conner took that moment to decide to pick up the napkins that were laying beside it, so after some major hand sanitizing we promptly packed up and headed home.

Brandon and Bethan came over in the evening to cook us so delicious beef fajitas. I think Conner was over the moon because shortly after they arrived Papa showed up also. And if you know Conner you know he loves his Papa. So not only did we have great food, but we had great company also. Thank you B and B!

Well I am running out of steam, so I will leave you with some fun photos from today!

Oh and I am so proud of my second born. He is officially doing the army crawl and last night I walked in to him doing this!

He sat up all by himself! Yay Brooksie!