Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Note to self

Note to Self,

Always check the weather channel before going on a mile and half walk to the train station, riding on the train, walking to dinner, getting groceries, getting back on the train and walking a mile and a half back home regardless of how beautiful and clear the skies were when you left. Because of course its going to start raining as soon as you start walking to the grocery store, and of course its going to keep raining while you wait for the train to come, which I might add was late, and will start raining harder as soon as you get off of the train and need to walk a mile and a half to get home. While pushing your two small children in a stroller, at 9:00 at night.

Good thing Joseph can run fast.


Ken, Trina, Gideon, & Ladybug Maia Sutherland said...

I don't know how to spell this but...."Oi Vey!" I think that epitomizes your experience! LOL Sorry you got so wet! Hopefully the boys don't get sick from their "precipitous" experience!

Elise said...

Meaghan! Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I will have to look into a Phil and Teds. I hear they are great! SOOOOO glad that you and Joseph are once again together. I bet it feels amazing!

Grammie Jr said...

Meag and family,
We miss you!
Love the pics. Almost feel like I am there. Almost.
We have packed a lot of the boy's 'stuff', but had to leave the cars and roads up in Conner's 'room' and the trains on the choo choo bath. I just couldn't take them down. They are too precious. Also have found six tiny, unmatched socks;).
Give hugs and kisses to all.
Love, Mom