Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yesterday my parents played hooky from work to go to the zoo with the boys and I. It was such a wonderful treat! We had originally planned on going this past weekend but then decided we would enjoy the experience more without all the crowds. Its so nice to be able to let Conner run ahead of me and not worry about him getting lost among all the people, its also nice to have a Grammie and Grandpa along to chase after him...
I was able to put to good use my new stroller (ok who am I kidding, I think I have used every day since I got it three weeks ago) that I got off of Craigslist for a steal. I had been wanting this stroller for a good long time, but it is an investment so when I saw it on craigslist for 1/3 of the price I jumped up and down for joy. Especially because earlier that day Joseph and I had finally decided to start putting the money away to purchase one before I headed to see him for his graduation. Man God is awesome! Because it is just a stroller I wont keep babbling about it, but lets just say I have used a lot of different double strollers and this one takes the cake. Being able to steer it around sharp corners with one hand while the other is full is an amazingly freeing experience.
On to other news...I will see Joseph in 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the excitement of getting to see him is getting out of hand, but that's ok because seven months apart will do that to a gal and her guy. Some days all Conner can talk about is getting on a plane to go see Dada, he will tell me all about sitting on the plane, flying the plane and finally getting off of the plane and seeing the man he misses so much. I think when we actually do get on the plane in 13 days he may go into shock...for that matter so may I.
We also finally have orders and an order date, meaning we have a place to go and a time to be there. The C school he will be attending will start at the end of May, but he has to be on base for work by the 9th of May. This is such wonderful and unexpected news! Originally it was looking like he would have to stay where he already is for the time in between graduating and starting C school, meaning the kids and I would most likely be apart from him for another three weeks before finally getting to our permanent duty station. Now it will only be a week! Woohoo!


the lewisi female said...

I already registered for the same stroller in black! woo hoo for amazing mom tools... I am keeping my eye on Craigs List too, hoping to see one on sale there... b/c I'm not sure any one will buy me that for a shower... haha!
And, I totally got tears in my eyes thinking of Connor seeing his Daddy and husband and wife reunited... Praise God all your patience is about to come to and end... or new beginning =)
Can't wait to see you when you visit!!

Mama Blue said...

I get tears in my eyes also just thinking about it!

Sarah said...

Meag! Did you say you were coming to the Ville? Details please!