Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not in my time

*Updated at bottom*

I am sitting in my hotel room on base while my children sleep peacefully in their respected beds, waiting for Joseph to get off of work with news of either our impending departure or three more days of hanging out here.

If we do get the go ahead we will pack up tonight, rent a car tomorrow morning and be on our merry way before the morning is over.

If on the other hand today is just like the eight days that have already passed and we do not get the go ahead to leave, we will continue to sit tight until Monday and enjoy the time we are getting alone as a family for the first time in 4 months.

So you see for me either is the perfect situation.


Well it looks like we will be sitting tight for the time being, so Joseph is off renting a car for the weekend so that we can better explore the city around us. While the train is awesome it is supposed to rain on and off all weekend, and well I have already learned that lesson. We plan on heading to the children museum tomorrow along with some other fun and educating things.
If we don't have orders to leave by Monday evening then I will be renting a car on Tuesday and driving up to the 'ville on my own with the boys.
ok cranky baby on board so off I go!