Sunday, April 19, 2009

Airplanes and such

*Edited to change the day we are leaving. While I would love to leave Tuesday (tomorrow) I don't think we would have much luck at the airport.

Conner is obsessed with airplanes and trains. Absolutely obsessed. If you put blocks in his hands 5 minutes later he will hand you one of those two things and ask you to fly or ride along with him. Every time we get into the car Conner asks me if we will be going on an airplane yet and when the answer is a negative he replies with "almost time, almost airplane all done, see Dada", which translated means "Its almost time to go on an airplane and see Dada".
I cannot wait for Wednesday morning to come and for me to tell my sweet little boy that we are finally going on an airplane to see Dada.

Oh, and Joseph has promised to take Conner on the train while we are there. I think our little boy is going to be over the moon. Dada, planes and trains!


Ken, Trina, Gideon, & Ladybug Maia Sutherland said...

I am so happy for you guys! I will be praying that Conner is able to wait these next 24 hours! Whew! I can imagine you must be exploding with emotions of anticipation! We love you!