Friday, April 17, 2009

Details Details

Time for the details... well the best details I can do while being apart of the military, since they can change at any moment until they are written in stone, err I mean paper. The boys and I will be in the "ville sometime after April 24th, so you better be ready for us! I am so excited to get a chance to go home before we get to our final destination. There are some brand new babies that need to be held, parents that need some baby boy love and friends that need hugs. (Rebekah I miss you so much and cannot wait to spend time with you!)
We will most likely be there for a week, but like I said nothing is for sure. There is a small chance Joseph will get to join us, so if you wouldn't mind please lift that possibility up in prayer!

Also please be praying for me in these final days before our move. I am struggling with a lot right now, mainly with getting to be me. I have felt like I have been posting only fluff for the past couple months and I am getting tired of it, but I have so many things pulling me from being able to be me right now, and you know what? I miss me. Some days I cannot wait to be back with Joseph just so that I can be Meaghan again but as soon as I think that I cannot help but think of how ridiculous it is that I cannot be me now. Oh the tangled webs we weave. Or that are woven for us. I so badly want to be around friends that understand me, who love me for all my quirks and even seem to think I am a pretty cool person just because I am me. I cannot wait to see you all.


the lewisi female said...

YAY, can't wait to see you!! Only a week or so away! wooo hoooo