Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleep Tight

Now that I finally have a camera again (that I absolutely love!) its time for me to post about my three year old and his ability to finally be happy at bed time! It only took four weeks of kicking, screaming, climbing out of windows and dog doors, and generally trying to break the house down in the hopes of avoiding having to actually go to sleep for us to get here. I do have to say it is all pretty understandable (although tiresome and emotionally painful) since he has had a lot of change in the last four weeks beyond just moving away from home. Basically his bed has been moved around a lot between trying to find a safe place for him to sleep, house sitting for a week, back home for one night, then off to the ocean for three nights, then back home, a new bed and new locks on the door. All together a lot of change for a little guy. Especially one who does not quite have the speech ability to tell you how he hurts. This has been such a hard time for us, nap time and night time were dreaded because of the above mentioned activities, day time was dreaded because no one was sleeping much and overall we were one bunch of grumpy homesick people. But then we had a turn around two nights ago. Suddenly my little boy was back! I walked out of his room to the sound of singing and laughter, which continued on until he fell asleep some 20 minutes later. I cannot tell you how joyous I am! These past two days he has been so happy, so it is with much joy that I share with you these pictures I took of him tonight as he was going to bed. Praise the Lord for happy sleeping children, and for a God who is faithful in even answering prayers about the lack of sleep one is getting:)

P.S. Yes my son sleeps in the laundry room... but it is the coolest car laundry/bedroom you you ever did see!

He is telling Woody to say cheese for the camera.


The Santos Family said...

Great news! Little sleep can be a challenge! Glad he's getting back in the groove!