Monday, March 1, 2010

A little something

I am thirty one weeks this week! Can you believe it?! Also, is it just me, or am I getting smaller? I remember being huge by this point with Brooks, but I seem to be shrinking with little miss Emmalynn. As of my last appointment, I was finally up six pounds, but I think its a possibility I am down again...not sure how my doctor is going to like that, but like I have previously said, I am not doing anything to make it come off.
I have been meaning to post about this for a while, but have not found the time. So tonight I am finally going to share with you all the meaning behind Emmalynn's name, but because there is a lot to it and I tend to be long winded (and its an emotional one)I am going to share the short version.
Last New Years my mom's oldest sister Christi Lynn passed away. She was an incredible woman and one of the reason's Joseph and I wanted to be stationed where we are. We were so excited to have the opportunity to get closer with this aunt and to get the opportunity to share our boys with her. I will admit that I was mad when she passed, it was finally our turn to be close to her and that opportunity was taken away. I still hurt that we are in her city, but with out her. When we found out I was pregnant I knew in my heart that the little life growing inside of me was a girl, and we knew we wanted to honor my aunt and family through her name, but while Christi is a wonderful name we felt it was just not right so soon after her passing. Like we were trying to replace her, not honor her. We tried out many names all with the middle name Lynn, but none of them fit. For weeks I kept coming back to the name Emmalynn, one I heard every Monday on one of my favorite TV shows (although it turns out my hearing stinks because the name on the show is Emlin not Emmalynn) I had yet to share it with Joseph because I thought it would be too out there for him. We tend to not like "made up" names and I was afraid he would put it right in that category. Turns out I was wrong. Once it was said out loud she became Emmalynn (well Emmalynn Grace). I loved that Lynn would be a constant part of her name, not just a middle name and we have always loved Emma for its classic grace. So Emmalynn she is.
On a fun note, a couple of weeks after announcing her name I found out that my Aunt actually insisted on being called Christi-Lynn , so it made Emmalynn's name all the more special ( and no wonder we couldn't settle on it being just a middle name).
So there you have it, the short winded version of her name. I am now going to crash into bed before I crash into the computer.


archshrk said...

You look awesome! I love the name too. So precious!


Maggie Ainsworth said...

Hey Meag! I love her sweet name and the meaning behind it. You are looking beautiful and pregnant :) Can't wait to see pictures of your baby girl in just 8 (or so) weeks!

the lewisi female said...

You look AMAZING and it's a beautiful name. I've been thinking of you and your little one lately... praying for you guys!