Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wonderful twos

Brooksie Bear turns two tomorrow! My little talker is getting so big, its just amazing to look back at pictures from just six months ago and see how much he has grown. He is definitely leaving the "baby" stage behind and going full force into little boy.

September '09

January '10

I wish pictures could really show how much hair he has, and how beautiful it really is. I love playing with his hair when he is nervous or going to bed, its an instant soother for him and I love feeling the silky locks between my fingers. He is our fearless little man and will try anything once, especially if its something Conner can do. While Conner has always taken risks, he is very calculated in how he does them, but Brooksie, he just takes a leap of faith and believes he can do it. Regardless of this difference, once they have set their minds to something they will both persevere until the task as been conquered. Like jumping off the highest stair and landing on their feet.
I wish I could properly share with you the amazing bond that Brooks shares with his Conner and vice versa. They have such a need for each other, and actually desire each others constant company. About three weeks ago we got the boys a twin bed to share since the toddler bed they insisted on sleeping together in was getting a little cramped and wobbly. And while this bed is considerably roomier then their old one, they still insist on sleeping on top of each other. At night if Brooks wakes up he snuggles towards his brother who promptly puts an arm around him and pulls him close. Yes I like to sit in their room and watch them sleep :)

Happy Birthday Brooksie Bear!


Bethan said...

Oh Wow! Happy Birthday to both of your boys! I CANNOT believe how big Conner is! He looks like such a big boy on that bike...I remember when he was in the exersaucer at CG in the Davis' house! Oh, I sound like an old lady! But seriously, I can't wait to see pictures of your Emmalynn over the web! BTW, I LOVE the name!
Much love, Meag!