Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Season is changing

Do you know what is right around the corner? (other then a new baby of course) Orders. It is finals week for Joseph, a stressful yet graceful period where God constantly reminds us of his sovereignty. Once again orders are being chosen in order of class rank (GPA), and while things were tight there for a while (read up until this afternoon), Joseph has been assured that although there is someone .6 of a point higher then him (and man does that count for a lot when your orders and future career depend on it), that he will still have first choice due to the fact that Joseph has dependents and is limited to where he can go and the other person does not. Thank you Lord for that grace and we pray that He would bless Joseph's classmate with order's of his choosing regardless. They have one last test on Friday and if Joseph is able to get a 100 and his classmate a slightly lower score, then Joseph will also get Valedictorian, something he is desperately praying for to help him get into Med School.
So middle of next week we should know where we are headed next and how soon! We have a list of the top three locations we would like to go, with the number one being Texas. We have a specific city we would like to be in, but trust that ultimately this is God's plan not ours (not easy though). So would you please pray for us as this week comes to an end and the new season of our lives begins? Joseph graduates from this program at the end of June, so earliest we would move would be July, just so ya know :)

Also, thank you everyone for your liking of Emmalynn's name!


Sarah Ganger said...

I didn't know Texas was on your list! I've been praying for y'all, Joseph finishing school, and your next move... but now I have a selfish prayer request to add to the list! ;-)

the lewisi female said...

Wow I knew Joseph was smart but that's so great that he is doing so well!! How crazy if you guys go to Texas?!?! At least we have a better chance of getting to visit you there! We'll be praying