Monday, March 29, 2010

Celebrating 60 years

This past weekend Joseph and I had the opportunity to leave the boys behind and drive up the coast to celebrate my mother's parents 60th wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful immediate family gathering that spoke of the many wonderful years my grandparents have spent together. It was slightly emotional celebrating this big event with out their oldest daughter Christi, but our family is growing despite its loss and there is definitely something in that to celebrate. For the past four years Joseph and I have been the sole provider of great grandchildren, but this year brings not only Emmalynn into our family. My cousin Nicole and her husband Paul just had their first son, Jacob, three weeks ago (at a whopping 4.5 pounds too!), and Christi's son Justin and his wife Rachel announced that they are expecting as well. I am so excited for all this new life to join our family!
We had such a fabulous time! We stayed in a little cottage off of the club that my grandparents have been member's of for over 30 years. It felt just like when I was younger and we would go on family vacations together, except this time I was one of the adults (hard to believe we are all adults now) and got to see parts of my family that I knew existed, yet had never been a part of. It was so much fun being a kid in this family, but being an adult has its perks as well.

Since I am almost 34 weeks I did not get to participate with the wine enthusiast, but it was a blast to recount family memories, both hilarious and sad, and to get the opportunity to just sit with family without little ones underfoot (although I could not wait to get home to them!).

As a side note, can anyone else see the resemblance I have to my mother in the last two pictures? As I get older I am looking more and more like her, which is wonderful since after 26 years, the "she's your daughter?!" statements were getting a little old :)


Bekah said...

Meag you look adorable!! So good to see you all last weekend!!!

Maggie Ainsworth said...

You are looking great at 34 weeks, Meaghan! And I do think you resemble your mom quite a bit in that picture! Love to your sweet family!

the lewisi female said...

celebrating... a new baby? yet?