Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beaches made better with Dad

I may have mentioned before that Conner loves the beach. Well as much as he loves the beach, Joseph loves it ten times more. As in loves the beach. While this ocean may not be as warm as the one he is used too, it is still the beach and it still offers a peace to his being. Our boys also loved sharing it with him.

Blurry shot, but precious none the less

I have noticed a trend for our littlest bear, when Joseph is around he is much happier, and quicker to venture where he would not before. If you remember my last post about the beach you might recall that it took quite a bit of coaxing to get him to even leave the tent, non the less actually touch the water. Today he was running in and out like an old pro.

I love my boys. I especially love seeing all my boys together.


Maggie Ainsworth said...

Sweet pictures, Meaghan. I miss those boys of yours!

The Santos Family said...

Cute pics! Your boys are growing up fast!

Sarah said...

Aw Meag- your boys are growing up so fast! It's crazy to see them look more and more similar as they get older. Tim was just looking over my shoulder at the pics and said, "geez, those two look like twins" :-) We miss y'all so much!