Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fountains are wet

At least once a week Joseph and I like to pack the boys up and walk around one of the many open air malls that dot our new hometown. One of our favorites has many little gardens and water features that the boys loves to explore, doing us the favor of wearing them out while we enjoy the beautiful weather. This past week we discovered a little nook that had a great fountain for the boys to explore, one that Conner got a little more up close and personal then he intended.

Sadly I did not get as many pictures of the whole event, since you know I was busy staying close just in case this happened...

While trying to count the coins Conner leaned in a little to close and down he went, clothes and all. He fared it very well, although he was quite cold afterward.

I know this is not the best quality photo, but you can practically see Joseph saying something that ended with cold

Brooksie kept thinking he needed to get in too, but was appeased with watching Conner's dunking.