Friday, October 24, 2008

Starting Out

Hello to all friends and family who stumble across this blog. With so much transition about to transpire in our household, I decided it was about time that I jumped onto the blogging wagon. So here I am. Please forgive if it is a little rough in the beginning, for I am feeling awkward and shy as I try to sort through everything that I want this blog to be and all that I do not. It is a little intimidating, as I read some pretty awesome blogs!

On Tuesday the 28th, Joseph will leave for 2 months to Chicago for basic training. In our four years of marriage it has always been I who has left for too many weeks to visit family, but this time I am staying home as he leaves me. I have never had ambitions to become a single mom, but it seems that the Lord has given me a pretty good reason to rely more on Him and less on Joseph. I guess sometimes you just need the seat yanked out from under you to realize that He never let go in the first place. So I invite you to come along this journey with me as God stretches me to show his strength in my weakness.