Monday, October 27, 2008


This morning a boxful of these arrived from Grampa and here is the story of what happened upon opening said box.
First we pretended to eat them for breakfast

Than we made an acorn landmine

and gave them a ride in our favorite tractor

and then pushed them in the stroller

and finally we used them as picks for our guitar!

Thank you Grampa for the simple joy of acorns. I am sure if the mail lady knew what you sent me today she would have thought you were nuts.


Joy said...

Meag, I'm so excited about your new blog! I miss you so much, and often wonder what you guys are up I can just check out your blog. We'll be praying for you guys as you enter into this new phase of life. Give me a call anytime. Even if you and the kiddos are just bored during the day. We need to oovoo way more. Love you,

Anonymous said...

awww... such a fun blog post! Isn't it amazing what kids can do for fun!?