Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As usual change is upon us. I am starting to become a little better at adapting to it, but it still wrings me around the neck a few times. We found out recently that Joseph will be deploying this summer, and while we knew it would happen eventually, we really hoped it wouldn't happen quite so soon. We are in an interesting time warp right now, watching each day pass by knowing it brings us closer to the dreaded departure, all while trying to hold on tight to every moment, every smile, tear and hiccup, not letting anything slip through the cracks. Its hard knowing that when he come's home Conner will be closer to five then four, Brooks closer to three and Emmalynn will be in the 9 month range. That's a lot of growing and changing! So for now we cherish the time we have and prepare for a lot of change the best way we know how.

The last picture just cracks me up. Conner and Brooks spend most of the day taking turns holding Emmalynn, and sometimes little sister just doesn't want to be held...