Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Eventful day

Most of you are aware of Brooks' Tylenol escapade. I am not going to get into the detailed version, as I am still recovering from the emotional toll the whole experience put me ( and Joseph) through. In short the little man pulled my rolly chair over to the kitchen counter, climbed up, reached WAY up and opened a small cabinet over the refrigerator and pulled down my Tylenol, crawled back down, proceeded to open child proofed bottle (yes it was locked tightly) and dumped them all on the floor. All in less then five minutes.

I could not tell if he had eaten any or not but knew its not something to play wait and see with, so I immediately called Joseph to have him come get us and bring us to the hospital. In that conversation we decided it would be best for me to call 911 (a first) and have them come to us so that if something did go wrong he would get immediate care and I would not be alone with three kids as this happened.

Thank goodness Brooks is perfectly fine! After five hours in triage we were discharged with an all clear and a very healthy, albeit grumpy and tired, little boy.

Here is to not doing that again!


archshrk said...

OH MY! What an ordeal! My heart started pounding just reading your post. Sigh! I am so glad he is okay even if it meant calling 911 and spending hours in triage. Julia