Thursday, January 7, 2010

22 weeks

I am going to jump right back into things and pretend it hasn't been a month and a half since my last post...but the hiatus has been good. I have been putting down the computer and the mindlessness it can bring and pulling out my crafting tools and creating instead. Its been good for my brain and my peace of mind. Oh and my children too, since when I am creating things I am able to focus more on God and less on the unfairness of this world. And when my focus is on God I am a more forgiving, patient and selfless person.

I had my 22 week check up today. Emmalynn (background to her name coming up soon) is looking great and I am now down twenty plus pounds. I have been steadidly loosing this entire pregnancy and so far none of my doctors have been concerned, but today I saw a different OB and he felt a little differently. He schedualed me to see the nutritionist and to get a consult to finally confirm my gluten intolerance and to rule out Celiacs Disease. While I was not appreciative of the manner that he went about doing this (or saying it rather) I am glad for the pro activeness in these areas as they were concerns I had had that the previous OB's had seemed to write off. So I will be sticking with him for the rest of the pregnancy.

Here is my belly today. I am standing on a stool, hence the wacky proportions to the closet ;)

I also wanted to include pictures of my latest projects! I have decided to deem this year the year of the crafts, and so far so good. My next goal is to learn to knit some soaker and longies for Emmalynn to go over her cloth diapers. I already have some beautiful yarn waiting for me :) Sorry I m getting ahead of myself...the following are necklaces that I made containing the names of my children and husband. I have been wanting to purchase one of these for a long time then one night it hit me, why don't I make my own! These are just my first ones and have quite a few kinks, but I love them for their rustic-ness anyways!

I domed both of these disc's (one copper, the other brass) and added on the wording. The copper disc contains my all the names of my loved ones and the brass one says Blessed, for I truly am :) The E in Joseph's name is a "little" wonkey because I accidently did it upside down first. Ooops. I am still getting the hang of spacing and making sure the letter are even while still being curved. Quite a challenge sometimes.

This one is a locket style, so when you open it you see the three little disc's with the children's names and the the back piece that says love. It looks so pretty on!

Unfortunately I could not fit Emmalynn's full name on that little disc, so that would be why her "nickname" is on it instead.

I love making these and look forward to my quiet time to practice getting the letters a little straighter and the shading a little more even. Life is good :)


archshrk said...

Love your pregnant belly shot! You look great. You new craft project looks like fun too. Maybe when we finally pick a name for baby #2 you can help me make one. Julia

Mama Blue said...

Julia, when you pick out a name I would love to make you one. Or teach you :)

Suth-ern Mama said...

I love the necklace, Meag. It's great. I am going to have to try that out as well. Not sure when I would ever have time at this point, maybe over the summer? LOL