Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Missing a friend named Kai Kai

Before we moved, the boys and I used to be attached by the hip(s) to my closest friend Rebekah and her two son's Malachi and Jonah. If we were not out and about together then we were wrangling the children around one of our homes until it was time to go home and be with husbands. While Joseph was away Rebekah helped keep me sane, and her children, specifically Malachi, helped Conner forget that his Dad was not around. These two boys have a bond that I hope last a life time, just as I pray the same for their mother and I. And while they have been apart for way to many months, the other is never far from their thoughts. I am told Conner spends his entire days playing with his friend, generally getting Kai Kai in trouble, and when told that we are going to go play with friends Conner always asks if we are going to Kentucky to get Kai Kai. So in honor of best friends here are some pictures from last January that I thought both Conner and Malachi would love.