Monday, September 7, 2009

There once was a house

What a wonderful weekend we just spent with family! We meandered up to my grandparents house this past Saturday to meet up with loved ones, eat fantastic food and enjoy the ocean breeze. Besides eating, I think we did all of the above out on the deck where the ocean and hills both provide an excellent view, only going inside to retire at night.

While the adults enjoyed some wine and good conversation, Conner colored himself silly decorating this cardboard house Grammie and Grandpa picked up.

Arts and crafts have become his new forte, so getting a whole house to create on was a wonderful and inspiring treat!

He took a few breaks to enjoy the actual playing with of the house, with Brooks following right along.

While Brooks was not really interested in coloring on the house, he did love opening and closing all the door and windows and "WOW'ing" over Conner's coloring.