Sunday, March 29, 2009

A sad heart

Once again I was getting on to actually write a post about my family, but my heart is so burdened for Stellan and his family that it is hard to write anything other then PRAY!

Today was an especially rough day for Stellan and things are really starting to take a turn for the worst. He has been in SVT for a week now and his body is no longer being able to handle it. Medically he is only days aways from going into heart failure. To read more about the specifics of his condition head on over to his mother's blog, but for now would you please pray along with me? This prayer is compiled of many prayers that are going on on his behalf from the comments section of his blog. They touched me so much and became my own hearts cry that I wanted to pray them along with you.

Father God, as we hear this news about Stellan we come back to you to ask your presence to come once again to touch his body. Lord, send your spirit to usher in wisdom, insight and a way to heal this child. Lord, as we wait for your healing, send your Holy Spirit to course through Stellan's heart, sending invigorating blood out into his body to his tiny toes and tiny fingers. Lord rest your spirit over this baby boy. May he know the peace and love of his Makers presence.

Lord you are good no matter what and we love you. Jennifer loves you desperately and she loves her little boy desperately and wants him to be well. Would you surround her with love and comfort and peace in the midst of the chaos and turmoil that accompanies her. She and her family need you deeply right now. They need to feel your touch. Would you make yourself known to them in a powerful way even in this moment? We praise and thank you God for all of the incredible things you have done up to this point. May you receive all the glory and may your will be done!



Ken, Trina, Gideon, & Ladybug Maia Sutherland said...

Thank you for sharing that inspired prayer, Meag! I prayed it along with you as I read it. My heart truly aches for Stellan right now. I have a lump it my throat as I view his little body in my mind's eye! But God is a healing God, and we must trust in Him right now. Thank you, Lord for your goodness and grace and healing! May you work a miracle in Stellan's little heart! Lord may you do an ablation that is perfect! May you stop the incorrect electrical currents to cease! Thank you, Oh Lord!