Friday, March 13, 2009

Now that we seem to be over our sickness the boys and I have gone back to spending most of our time in the back yard or at our favorite park. It is so nice to be outdoors! There is nothing like fresh air that can wash away that dreary depressing feeling of sickness.

Today we met up with an old friend of mine from High School, so far the only one I can find that still lives in the area :) She is also the only one with children, three daughters to be exact. It was so nice to be able to catch up with her and get to meet two of her children. Hopefully we will get together again sometime next week

On another note please be in prayer with us as we near the next phase of our military life. Next week after his 10th exam Joseph will get to choose orders. At this point we are being told that all the orders except one or two will be to the same location and that the other two are to the locations that we are praying for. Both are on the opposite ends of the country of each other, so getting one over the other is a big deal. Right now Joseph is ranked at #1 in his class, meaning he gets first choice of orders, but he could lose that placing next week after exam 10 depending on his score. Please pray that Joseph and I would not let this rule our thoughts and emotions for the next week, that we would let go and let God. We know that He will get us to where He wants us regardless of what happens. We just need to except with a thankful heart whatever that may be. I am also in need of some prayer as this waiting and not being able to plan right now thing has been driving me insane. See there is so much to be done before Joseph graduates, like buying plane tickets, holding hotel rooms and planning a trip home, and packing us up again, that are just not possible right now. Oh how it rankles me to not be able to just do it all!

So ya, I need prayer.

All right ya'll,
Until next time.


The Santos Family said...

Looks like Brooks was eating dirt again. ;)

Mama Blue said...

I have given up on fighting the whole eating dirt thing :) If we are in the backyard Brooks must eat the vegetation and the dirt attached to it. Good thing is he strongly dislikes sand ;)