Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet Nothings

It is so wonderful to finally not be sick! Its amazing how easy life is when your not exhausted, cranky and generally feeling like poop. I mean this single mothering stuff is a piece o' cake now! Really, it is...But that will all end in THIRTEEN days!

Now that I am back to my cheerful self I have been able to thoroughly enjoy the sweet little boy that Conner is. His two favorite things to say are "Got it!" and "Maaaaama!" He just cracks me up, especially when I get a "Maaaaama!" after he just threw a ball at the back of my head, as if he is saying "goodness woman, why didn't you see that thing coming at you and catch it!?" I mean come on, of course I should have caught it :)

LOVE this picture! Isn't he precious? Brooks has really been blossoming these past couple of days, especially now that he is officially crawling. Its amazing how much they change once they get the motions down and are off. He is such a little talker too. When he is really happy you can hear his deep little "mmmmmmmmmhhhss" all through the house. He has got such a deep voice for such a little guy, but man when he is upset he goes from low to high really fast!