Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creative Spark

Some babylegs for Brooks... if you have no clue what these are, they are like leggings with no bottom, which make for easy diaper changes. I use them specifically in the winter because it keeps their legs covered when their pants ride up while you are holding them. In 17 degree weather.

This is a Moby Wrap I made for a friend along with the carrying case.

A nursing shawl for same friend. Never seen one of these? You can check them out here (although those ones are not made by me)

Some felted wool balls I made for the Woman's Gift Exchange my church holds each year. I made 32 in total :)

These Marble Magnets were made by my friend Rebekah and myself, also for the Woman's Gift Exchange. Want to know how to make your own? Click here. They are super easy and a great gift.

I have had a busy couple of weeks sewing and being crafty and since Joseph is gone I thought I would share my fun, yet hard labor with you :)