Thursday, July 23, 2009

A good way to spend a Thursady

Conner loves the beach, as in absolutely loves it. We spent three hours whiling away the day in the sun while Conner thoroughly enjoyed being in the water, throwing rocks, finding shell's and attempting to walk half way across the harbor in the water.

My parents, friends and I staked claim on a good patch of sand, threw our respected shade makers up and enjoyed watching and entertaining the many small children that accompanied us. Brooks spent most of the time under the shade, slowly making his way from the very back of the tent to playing in the sand at the very edge of the tent, until the beckoning hand of a grandpa convinced him it would be safe and fun to venture a little farther.

With Grandpa continually filling the buckets with water and making silly faces, suddenly the beach was a lot more fun for my youngest. I think he might even enjoy coming back.

Even when the tide tickled his toes he remained where he was, laughing, talking and showing off his precious dimples.